12th Jan. 2013 Forrest / Surf Coast Ride Day!

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12th Jan. 2013 Forrest / Surf Coast Ride Day!

Postby bluedirt » Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:09 am

Hey crew!

I'm going to be organising a ride day for anyone keen on the 12th January 2013 riding at Torquay, Forrest, and Aireys Inlet.

This is going to be an awesome day, I will organise transport for all people keen for the day and we will ride the local trails in the Torquay area in the morning, followed by Forrest in the afternoon. Ill also run some shuttles on Red Carpet for people to get several runs in if they want. On the way back to Torquay I will drive everyone to the top of the Otways behind Airey's Inlet where there is a killer downhill run on 4WD track and dirt road. This is a great break burner to finish the day. We will then head back to Torquay where everyone can part ways.

For anyone interested please let me know either via email to ride@bluedirt.com.au or on here.

See you there!



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