Stuck disc brake piston and no bike shop to fix it

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Stuck disc brake piston and no bike shop to fix it

Postby willsmother » Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:45 pm

Hoping for advice of a very basic nature, as I am stuck in East Timor and I think one of my rear caliper pistons is sticking. When I press the lever it "catches " before continuing in and working the brake. When I look at the rotor, one side (the inside side closest to the wheel) doesnt seem to want to move like the outside one does. So the rotor moves a little bit each time. We have big hills so I would like my brakes to work. At this stage most advice would sensibly be take it to LBS, and that I would love to do but we don't have one in the country. I know how to change brake pads but not yet how to bleed brakes. Also I really do think the piston is sticking and that would make sense because we are just finishing the rainy season and there will surely be a great deal of crud in there even though I wash the bike regularly. I can't get neat isopropyl alcohol to clean pistons with but I do have alcohol wipes (the small ones for medical use). I do have brake mineral oil. I don't have a bike stand. Can get syringes and tubing, and have a good multi tool with a disc brake separator and a small shifting spanner and a Leatherman tool. I am a single woman and not very mechanical but have had to learn while here. I can order parts online but do't know if I need any. Could anyone please help me with advice as to how to fix this problem, bearing in mind that I would really appreciate technical information being simplified as I am pretty intimidated by the job ahead of me

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