Chain Suck sucks

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Chain Suck sucks

Postby scotto » Mon May 06, 2013 7:54 am

First mtb ride for over 12 months (apart from brief ride the day before to make sure it all works)
- convict 50 race at St Albans NSW
- doing well, bad gear change at base of steep climb after fast steep decent.
- Say What, I'm on the ground
- SPD's a bit tight to release
- Embarrassment
total ride time 2hr15 - pretty happy with that.

I can only assume shifting from big the granny ring under too much load was the culprit. It wasn't muddy or anything, and nothings too worn on the underused bike. Nearly happened a little later and then fine for the last 30km's. Weird, and a new experience for me.

I do remember remarking to my mates in the race ( we're mostly road racer types) that these mt bikers were a calm lot. With the behavior we faced from many there was no swearing or abuse at all.
ie, slow riders up a steep hill going three abreast and then stopping to walk side by side or the girl who clip stacks (she was fine) on the steep section then lies there blocking the track for a good 30sec. or even the slower riders who cant seem to bother staying to one side or holding a line.....

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Re: Chain Suck sucks

Postby trailgumby » Mon May 06, 2013 8:46 pm

Glad you had a good race. :D

Dirty chain or stuck links can be a cause of chain suck, and if your chain is a couple of link-pairs too long (usual, as it comes out of the factory I've found :( ) it isn't going to help. The chain should only be as long as is needed to go around big ring, big cog without the derailleur at full chain growth*

MTBers are a pretty calm lot. I got passed by a lot of quicker guys and passed a lot of others at my lat race (The Mont). Rarely do you get anyone with attitude, it would be a real exception. I've found them universally polite, and the closer they are to Elite the politer they get, it seems (unless your name is Jongewaard).

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Re: Chain Suck sucks

Postby Mulger bill » Mon May 06, 2013 11:06 pm

trailgumby wrote:*

I couldn't find its mate :(

All of the above plus check your chainrings for burred, bent or broken teeth.
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