BMC 8HR Round 6 - Canberra - 24 August 2008

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BMC 8HR Round 6 - Canberra - 24 August 2008

Postby ozlegacy » Wed Jul 30, 2008 8:55 am

Anyone else going?

Thinking of a 3 person team, and am I right in assuming this rides some of the same tracks as the 24hr?
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by BNA » Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:12 am


Postby alchemist » Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:12 am

I will be there.

Early goss was that it will be similar to the Red Lap of last year's 24hr. There may be some changes to avoid sections that will be used for the World Cup the following weekend.

Expect to be racing with some of the OS pros getting in some practice under Canberran conditions which are very different to what they race in Europe most of the time.
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Postby leximack » Wed Jul 30, 2008 8:20 pm

i really want to get down there for this one, love stromlo and would be a good familiarisation run for the upcoming 24hr. Dont think its going to be possible though with too much other stuff on.

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Postby ukalipt » Thu Jul 31, 2008 11:02 am

this time i submitted a night/day pass
to management and it was approved so

i will be their with a team of 3 riders.

can't wait
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Postby Bucket Master » Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:35 pm

I will be there but in a black shirt rather than riding. The laps will be very similar to the Scott 24 Hour red loop but with a few more fun things thrown in on the side.

I expect there will be a few of the world cup riders out there the shake off some cobwebs from their flights
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Postby ukalipt » Thu Aug 07, 2008 12:01 am

other goss is all competitors for the worlds will have free entry to the 8hr, so yeah, i would imagine there would be quiet a few OS riders "warming up" using the 8hr ride to get used to the terrain and course.

can't wait to here "track" every ten seconds. will be quiet inspiring to have that calibre of rider pass you on the track. they will be flying for sure!
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Postby ozlegacy » Sun Aug 31, 2008 6:23 pm

Took me a week but here is my report :-)

Headed down sat lunch with two mates, checked into the hotel and headed out to stromlo the long way (stupid tom tom) got there about 3:30pm by the time I repaired a flat and fitted a new RD to my team mates bike it was 4pm and the sun was dropping.

We registered, laughed as the girl started to call our team name out but stopped.. :shock: and then headed off for a reccy lap neither of us ever having ridden at stromlo.

Pretty nice track some nice climbing and then some mad downhill, then some fast sweepers to finish it off, one flat on the reccy run but pretty uneventfull.

Being tired from the lifecycles ride the big drive down and the lap of stromlo one steak and 4 beers had me snoring by 9pm. Up a 5:30 bacon and eggs and prepare the sammies and food for the day.

Heading out to Stromlo around 7ish amnd the incar outside temp showed minus 2! Very glad we didn't camp! I had done a 8hr at Yarramundee before but this was different, it was huge (500 people rode that day) cars everywhere etc. and allot of dust. I got ready doned my jersey and the arm warmers as it was a bit chilly and headed to the riders briefing.

First lap was slow, we did a lap of the crit course then onto the dirt single file up the mountain we went. Heated up pretty quick but thought Id leave the arm warmers on for the descent incase I came off, 1 lap down pretty easy going, 2nd lap and time to put on the pace, nice climb hitting 180 on the HR monitor, then into the descent (arm warmers off as it was hot by now) no problems nice and fast, into the sweepers.

BAM! straight into the ground at about 30kmh (according to garmin before the crash) I some how manged to head chest first into some nice hard packed earth, still not sure how or why, I was running a little to much pressure I think I hit some rocks came off wrong way and was unlucky, all I rember thinking was "im going home in ambo". I wanted to yell so people behind me didnt run me over I was right on the track in a very fast section just after a corner, all I could mange was a low grunt from my chest I couldnt breathe or talk.

Guy behind me saw me stopped in time, thank goodness, next thing I knew I had 3-4 people talking trying to help me up, I could breath by now but my chest was hurting ALLOT, some very nice (and cute) girl who must have had some medical training was asking if I could lift my arms etc. she seemed the most concered and offered to go get help etc. I realised I was ok just in allot of pain fair bit of blood on the knee and elbow but I was ok, maybe a sprained rib or two.

My concern switched to my bike, was the poor girl ok? (no not the cute nurse the bike!) amazingly nothing broke, lost some paint on the front shocks but the anthem was ready to ride.. I picked my self up inspected helmet it took a decent smack, nothing visual but will still need replacing.

After advising the several people I was ok I managed to get them to leave, and I slowly mounted the bike and headed off, I dont remeber much of the rest of that lap.

We had planned for me to do 2 laps to Mikes 1 (my team mate) I came in after 2 he was ready to go, he was a litte concerned as I was covered in blood and allot of dust, I told him to head off and not worry. The same girl that had helped me on the track, had waited at the end of the lap to make sure I was ok. I was still to stupid and dazed to pay any attention to her race number etc. She was very kind and obviously concerned, she told me to get my ribs checked out, I was said " sure after the race is finished" her reply was " of course I dont mean now" :D if for some strange reason she reads this drop me a PM I owe you!

Struggled back to the car ate plenty took half dozen voltaren and lots of fluid, cleaned the bike and the wounds up, considered a 2 lap retirement, and though of Pete(sandman) and his HTFU armbands and headed back to transition.

Mike did his lap in pretty good time just over the hour, (fast guys where doing 38min laps) he came in I told him Id prob only do 1 lap and to ready after 1. I actually felt pretty good, apart from getting air and landing most of the ride didnt hurt as much as I expected.

I came in after 1 lap not wanting to push it Mike went out did another, I went out again for a 4th lap, half way I was hurting I knew it was my last lap, gave it everything on the 2nd half and managed my best time 53mins for the day, not bad for a busted up body.

Mike knocked off 1 last lap giving us 7 laps for the day or 93km in dirt total. we finished in the last 10 but had a great day, weather was amazing, track even better, cant wait to go back hopefully for the 24hr.

Drive home sunday night was painfull, sleeping was worse, had some xrays on Monday night, seems ok am meant to go back as one xray was dodgy but I think its just bad brusing, went on bike today first time and still quite painfull with no painkillers. But could have been worse I think there was 4 broken collarbones last sunday all up!

Some pics below you can spot the new site jersey, anyone else here do the ride? Apologies for typos but its to much to go back and proof read :D



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Postby ukalipt » Sun Aug 31, 2008 10:08 pm

ozlegacy. great report. hoping you do fell better asap.
i too did the race and a 53 min lap in pain is a great effort.
my best was a 52.48 [pretty much 53] and i wasn't in anywhere near
as much pain as you, thats for sure.

i came off, well it was more a drop of the bike and a hit on
my right side. big graze on arm, graze on my right knee
and a seriously large bruise just under my hip that has an
amazing resemblance to a map of canberra, and almost
the size as well.

stromlo was amazing. an amazing track, well sorted and a great race
overall. in our team of 3 we only managed 9 laps. we almost made it
to 10 but for a couple of mechanical issues pushed us over the last
lap threshold. we did camp overnight but it actually wasn't that bad.
it was cold and made saturday night bike repairs really bloody difficult
with two sets of gloves on. we woke in the morning to frost.

won't be doing the 24hr this year but next year we will be for sure.
i rode the race on my very average scott reflex 45 hardtail
and this is no doubt the bike really caused my slower lap times.
i now know for sure. one of the guys in our 3 rode one of the lender
BMC bikes. he took out the full bling trailfox dualie on his third and
final lap and took 6 minutes off his best lap time. which when you think
about it is only the tip of the iceberg. the bike was not fully set up
for him, neither had he ever ridden it before.

unfortunately i picked up my new mtb the saturday after. would love
to have ridden it. i know my times would have been a lot better...
a lot!
i like to pedal
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Postby ozlegacy » Wed Sep 03, 2008 7:54 pm

Good work!

Where did you come off if you don't mind me asking?

Im fortunate to be riding a good bike which definately helps the lap times..

I locked out the rear shock for some of the climbs definately understand why allot of the pros had hardtails, but I did get allot bounce when picking wrong line locked out.

Did you see the guy on the single speed! :shock: he also had solid forks and frame, I followed him for a a bit on lap he was not slow at all
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Postby ukalipt » Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:42 pm

i came off at the back section, after passing the
top of the climb, when you began the decent, then through
the major technical section.
it was on a berm about 1km after that - it had a largish rock
kinda in the middle, i tried to miss it but it laughed at me as
i went down.

i was on scottie who was obviously a hardtail.
i actually don't think the course was overly technical
so a hardtail was fine, but if you were to do it as solo or pairs,
there is no doubt a dualie would be a much better choice.
comfort for a long haul is a good thing for sure.

i don't remember seeing any single speed guys on track but i
did see a fair few in transition. did you know the third placed
guy overall on the day was on a single speed!
now that completely blew me away!

i was passed at one point by a women who was on fire.
i was in complete awe at her technical ability as well as
power. she was literally carving up the section at say
10-12km mark i think... just before the small bridge crossing
at the back section. i tried to keep up with her but i am glad
no one saw me. she spat me out like i was a dried gum leaf.
i just remember muttering... "yeah... you go girl" under my breath.

as i said, i picked up my new scott scale 30 on the saturday
after the race. i took it out for my first ride last saturday and
i am blow away what a difference riding a 10.5kg bike with
hydraulic brakes, fox RL fork and carbon fibre frame makes.
i really wish i had him at stromlo. after that ride i was amazed
at how easy a good bike is to ride. considering my original
scott's weight is pretty much 14kg with cable disks and gears
that you had to take your time and pray whilst changing.

i am really looking forward to my next race on him
"carbo" my new steed-



i like to pedal
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