Races for beginners around sydney

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Races for beginners around sydney

Postby mountain tamer » Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:02 pm

hey everyone,

does anyone know of any team/individual races around
the Sydney area for novices. i have been riding mountain bikes for a while and i want to take it to the next level next year.

Generally, what are the average entry fees?, can you do them on a hardtail?

much appreciated,



Postby Hawkeye » Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:28 pm

Take a look at the NoBMoB site. They're pretty keen on the race scene, and have lots of informal organised rides.

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Postby alchemist » Mon Aug 11, 2008 9:31 pm

Most races will have a grade suitable for someone starting out.

What will it cost you? A mtb racing licence will cost you $80 + $10 to $20 for a club fee. You can try out racing by buying a day licence which will cost $15.

Most club level XC races will be $10, a bit more for enduro races. Entry for DH will usually be a bit more depending on what transport is supplied to get you up to the top.

A hard tail is fine for XC racing (and in many case what the pros prefer), duallies are more popular for the longer events. You can even get away with racing DH on a HT.

For racing around Sydney, check

Manly Warringah MTB www.mwmtb.com
Western Sydney MTB www.wsmtb.com
Wollongong MTB www.wmbc.asn.au
Central Coast Ourimbah www.ccomtb.org.au

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Postby leximack » Mon Aug 11, 2008 9:35 pm

If you want more fun and relaxed races, grab some mates and go into a team enduro race, there pretty much all done for this year but there is one more 8hr (in canberra) and there is the NZO 12hr in september (in yarramundi)
bright orange events has details http://www.brightorangeevents.com/

there is also 24hr racing if your more keen but will need decent ligths for that and have to go to the expense of camping.

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Postby Bucket Master » Tue Aug 12, 2008 7:34 pm

a little further south of Sydney but at 2.5 hours CORC (www.corc.asn.au) run 65+ events per year including 3, 8 and 24 hour races.

The Scott is our major 24 hour race but I know plenty of people who just ride for the day light hours (and then party all night)

We also have skills days and weekends aimed at beginners and intermediate riders

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Postby chillbro » Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:20 pm

Western Sydney MTB Club is a good club to race at.

Most races are held at Yellowmundee and will cost $10 for race entry and $15 for a day licence is you are not a member of MTB Australia. A full 12 month membership costs around $80.

And yes, hardtails are fine! Myself and some other riders prefer hardtails, its just up to you!

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Postby ukalipt » Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:34 pm

again i would recommend yellowmundee and
WSMTB club races. you can start in D class,
which is only two laps of 7km [average lap length].
however it is solo and D class, as is all classes, is all age's.

i have only done two races at yellomundee, even though
i literally live above the track, but i have really enjoyed
both of them. i enjoyed them so much i brought a new
bike and plan on doing a full season next year.

i will compete in D class for the first year then move into
C class the year after.

i personally reckon a Hardtail is best for yellowmundee.
it isn't really that technical - or at least not technical enough
to warrant a squishy. IMHO

just turn up and race - its only $25 and i guarantee you will
be back for more. its really addictive. also everytime i have
raced i have found every single person racing along side
you to be great sports.

ps. i brought a hardtail
i like to pedal

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Postby Wollemi » Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:49 pm

What of V-brakes?
Additionally I told that I have a 'long' frame - not good for technical quick turning on single track? When I have the pedal forward, my feet clear the turning front wheel by 12 cm. I say this because someone else on this site mentioned their feet striking the wheel when the wheel is steered - may be a road bike?

My rig is a 2001 27-spd GF 'Tassajara. Hardtail w Judy TT front shocks.

I have commuted home from Penrith a few times along the trail linking Emu Heights to Yaramundi alongside the Nepean River, then up to my Winmalee home. Wouldn't have a clue where the race track goes, although I see weldmesh placed flat on the ground along single track off to the side of the main track.
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Postby ukalipt » Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:23 pm

v-brakes work but can be a little bit of an issue in the wet.
i would still recommend going to the track on a race
day, paying the $25 and just giving it a go. if you like
it then it might be time to start looking/saving/window shopping
at new XC bikes to up grade to.
i wouldn't at first be too concerned about the length of your frame.
just first see if you like riding/racing. then move on from there.
my first racing bike was a very low level scott. it worked
fine for me and served its purpose of an entry level bike
to encourage me to upgrade.

the track is here. it is a bit of a labyrinth so best bet
is to just go down and start riding down the first single track you find.
or possibly follow others who are down there. most weekends you
will find a few people riding around. there are lots of
combinations/paths through the reserve.
i like to pedal

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