fox ctd cartridge 100mm, 32 mm

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fox ctd cartridge 100mm, 32 mm

Postby davehirst » Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:52 pm

A while back I decided to service the cartridge, I had a bugger of a time replacing the cir clip and detent springs afterwards.
Long story short I spat the dummy and bought an upgraded one, so this one has sat around since.
The first ones had problems with pressure build and were often replaced by fox under warranty, this is the updated model, with the holes drilled around the top.
It still has no circlip or spring, but if it is of interest to anyone as a replacement, give me a yell.
They are easy to service, just tricky to reassemble, although I made a jig and could do it now easily. Just missing the bits.
Prefer pick up as the oil has a tendency to leak out the small holes.

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