Cycling in Skirts

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Cycling in Skirts

Postby Aushiker » Wed May 18, 2011 9:27 am


I suspect a little tongue in cheek: a blog posting at Happy Women Magazine on cycling in skirts ... a little taste of the style.

Undergarments: One of the most important, yet most often neglected, trappings of a serious skirted cyclist. If you are the type of woman who pays $15+ for a pair of undies, you will be thrilled to hear that cycling in skirts is a perfect way to maximize your investment. While I’m sure your lover(s), children, neighbors (assuming you line dry your skivvies), etc., appreciate them, cycling in skirts opens up a whole new audience for these pricey little gems, and makes their purchase seem that much more worthwhile. For those of you who buy your undergarments at Walmart, please reconsider. While undergarment exposure for a skill skirted cyclist is minimal, it is imperative that these fleeting glimpses be pleasant for onlookers, and a source of pride for yourself.

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