Newbie looking for relaxing ride with my 3-year-old

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Newbie looking for relaxing ride with my 3-year-old

Postby lakurumau » Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:42 pm


I just found you guys. Or rather, girls.

We're about to get rid of our second car and as a replacement I'll be getting a bike. It'll predominantly be used on bikepaths, with my three year old on the back. I'd really like some tips as to what to try out, or what to avoid.

Budget: less than $1000. Need bike for me and childseat for three year old.
Really love the look of the dutch-style bikes. Not looking for speed, just comfort. Plan is to use it every day in the summer, on low rain days in the winter.

Any mums regularly out on the bike paths with a toddler?

Eyeing up:
Schwinn Jenny
Allegro W3
Giant Via

(and in my dreams, the Grand 1888)

Thanks girls.

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