NOVICE OVER 50 Female Riding for Fitness and Health Reasons

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NOVICE OVER 50 Female Riding for Fitness and Health Reasons

Postby relaxblueskywater » Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:08 pm

Hi All :D
Hope you can help me very new to cycling. I have purchased a cheap store bike just to she how i go at bike riding. Seems to be going ok. Just have to work out the gear thing and i will be on my way. Just a quick one is there anyone on the southside of Brissie that my like to ride at slow pace on weekdays along the bike paths to the city.
I have a hybrid bike and would gratefully appreciate any assistance re cycling. Thanks once again. :)

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Re: NOVICE OVER 50 Female Riding for Fitness and Health Rea

Postby V17L » Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:19 pm

Hi bluey
Well done for having a go. Takes a lot to put into action a dream.
Take you time and let your body get use to riding, but be regular.
Unfortunately i cannot help on rides, and even if no one is around, keep the spirit up.
To make it easier on the rear end, you might think of getting some knicks. A good seat will also beckon you.
Fitness and health will come. I did see on this forum an exercise/weight loss threat. They were very friendly and supportive. Maybe someone can post the link.
Anyway, keep riding
Cheers steve
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Re: NOVICE OVER 50 Female Riding for Fitness and Health Rea

Postby cp123 » Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:34 pm

I'm a couple of states away so sorry - no can do.

But good on you for coming to "the dark side" :twisted: :lol: You'll find a lot of nuts - err helpful other folk in here. Remember - just do it. The more you do it the easier it will be. Think of all the money you'll save and flubber you'll burn.

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Re: NOVICE OVER 50 Female Riding for Fitness and Health Rea

Postby fionahills » Sun Sep 30, 2012 8:12 pm

I am sure you will love it - I had never had a bike as a kid - (horse person for as long as I can remember) and only got my first bike last year - great straight bar - loved it and did a group ride and a couple of club runs for beginners - then got a road bike and went on 50km ride and got a fright with way too much traffic and way too little skill - put the bike away and only pulled it out 5 or 6 weeks ago cos I decided to do the 100km ride from Brissie to Gold Coast next weekend.

Am 52, not overweight but could lose 7 kilos and still be within my bmi range so not terribly fit yet..

I have been asking all sorts of questions on the various forums and people are awesome - best advice from one newbie to another: Mind you I knew none of these things - the forum users have provided so many answers to my questions.

Get knicks, make sure you bike is set up and fits well so you don't hurt too much
learn about gears - I had no clue!!!
don't go on the road til you feel ready - I was trying to keep up with my hubby who had ridden bikes his whole life - and nearly put me off forever.
Cadence is magic - read everything you can about it and although it feels counter intuitive, speed is not important to start with, cadence is mashing on the pedals is not the best way to get fit or lose weight - good cadence is.

have fun - it is so addictive - I am riding at least 200km a week now - and have even started to look for hills to practice on -

I have gotten all four of my daughters onto bikes so there will be six of us doing the ride next week -goodness knows how we will go but it will be fun and so great to finish - no matter how long it takes us!!

My husband and I are going to France next year - and my goal is to ride up Alpe d'Huez - a 13.8 km long mtn averaging 8%.

Also there is a bike coach in brisbane who specialises in beginners classes on either very quiet roads or a track - - if I lived closer would certainly go along - it would have been great to get some help in the beginning.

Am on sunny coast so cannot help with rides but if your up this way anytime happy to ride with you have a great time - its awesome..

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