Dirty Deeds CX - Round 1 July 7th.

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Dirty Deeds CX - Round 1 July 7th.

Postby Blakeylonger » Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:59 pm


Round 1 is rapidly approaching. 22 women have registered for CX-Women so far, I want to smash all previous records and hit 40 this time. I want to see more women on CX bikes than dudes on MTBs in open. I want you to be covered in mud with a grin from ear to ear and to tell all your mates how much fun you had afterwards.

If you were going to do the rapha women's 100, there's even time to finish that, race home and grab the CX bike and get a race in, we've extended women's CX rego and moved the women's CX race to the title event of the day at 315pm to give you some recovery time.

See you there!

Details: http://dirtydeedscx.blogspot.com.au/201 ... d-you.html

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