Aluminium Retro bike

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Aluminium Retro bike

Postby fluocat » Tue Nov 26, 2013 12:32 pm

Hi ladies,

Here is my first post! I'm looking to buy a new bike to cycle to work.
I am after an aluminium one as I live really close to the ocean (in Byron) and want to avoid rust as much as possible.
I found two bikes that I like but I'm not expert enough to know if one is really better than the other (that's why I need your help!!).

Lekker Jordaan

XDS Retro Ladies

I would like to keep it as long as possible, and to limit the need for parts to change or fix.

The first one is supposed to be made in Amsterdam and the second in China. Does it make the first one better? Not sure.

Any help is greatly appreciated!! :D
Thanks heaps


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Re: Aluminium Retro bike

Postby zebee » Sat Nov 30, 2013 5:13 pm

As a recumbent and Brompton rider I won't be much help but...

Hub gears are good for commuting as it doesn't matter what gear you are in you can change gears at the lights. If you aren't used to riding then that can be a really nice thing. You do need to find a bike shop that understands them though, and they make fixing flat tyres harder.

I suggest if you get either bike you fit Marathon Plus tyres to it as they almost never get punctures. I used to get flats regularly on the 'bent and haven't since I switched to Marathons.

The Lekker comes with lights which is good, but has a coaster brake which I think is less good. Mainly because you can't roll the pedals back and you will find riding other bikes tricky! If your commute is flattish (which around Byron I expect it is) then that shouldn't matter too much.

Personally for me the coaster brake is a dealbreaker but then I'm too used to the standard setup. If you are not a rider now it won't matter to you, you'll manage either way. But do make sure you have access to a bike shop that understands the hub gear and coaster brake because if they aren't happy about it you will end up in trouble. They need to be positive about it, so any shop with a lot of racing bikes (road or off road) staffed by young lads probably won't be suitable.

If you can't find a bike shop that's positive about the Lekkar's back end then buy the other one. If you can, then either one will do what you want so it comes down to money. If the money isn't an issue and you can get a good bike shop I'd lean to the Dutch bike if only because there is going to be a touch more quality in it although without seeing both of them I might be wrong there.

If this is a mail order job then fit is going to be hard to determine. If you can sling a leg over one then do so!

In the end.. almost certainly either will do what you want.


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Re: Aluminium Retro bike

Postby Stredda » Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:18 pm

I bought my wife an Apollo Tiki two years ago and she was wrapped it. She is no way a serious rider but it is nice and light, 7 speed and most important looks cool. :D
She has since customised it with the compulsory basket on the handle bars for carrying French bread sticks. :lol:

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