Hello! After some advise on a Road bike

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Hello! After some advise on a Road bike

Postby Lauren1603 » Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:56 pm

Hi All, first post here!

I am currently riding a 2014 Giant Rove 2 Hybrid, which I purchased in June. My Husband has a Specialised Hybrid and we have been really enjoying getting out and riding! As a 34 yr old, novice and somewhat unfit rider I am pretty happy with our rides so far. Currently we avg 21-22km and generally ride 20km a ride.

I am not doing this to commute, or to race, purely for fitness and enjoyment :) But I am pretty keen on getting off the Hybrid and onto a roady. I ride very flat areas, no hills, no elevation what so ever.. lol

I would be happy to look at second hand, as ultimately I guess I don't want to spend too much... Our 7 year old daughter has just started some track riding and I would rather put money into her efforts at the moment.

So any suggestions for buying second hand, good models to keep an eye out for, anything I should be questioning or keep in mind? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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by BNA » Fri Nov 29, 2013 12:23 pm


Re: Hello! After some advise on a Road bike

Postby find_bruce » Fri Nov 29, 2013 12:23 pm

Welcome Lauren,

not sure why no-one has responded yet, but it might be because the question is fairly open ended. What were you hoping to achieve by going from the hybrid to a roady ? Not saying there are no benefits, just wondering what is attractive for you. Also what sort of budget did you have in mind?

My personal opinion is that shimano 105 is a good choice for fitness & enjoyment - good performance but without the high price that comes with the lighter weight groupsets. Second hand is a good place to look. You will want to know what size you are after though. plenty of bikes in the 54-56 cm seat post range, but they get harder to find as you move smaller or larger than that.
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Re: Hello! After some advise on a Road bike

Postby Lauren1603 » Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:10 pm

Thanks, find_bruce. sorry it was a bit open ended looking back at it now :) to clarify I am looking for something that I can increase my speed on and fitness. I am short so wasn't sure if I should look at women specific bikes or if there might be some suitable mens bikes. My current Giant is a 'small' frame, not sure if this cross's over to the roadie range.

There is a lot that I don't know about bikes haha so guess just looking for general advice :)
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