Malvern Star "Wisp" vs Reid Classic- modern retro-look bikes

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Malvern Star "Wisp" vs Reid Classic- modern retro-look bikes

Postby Mububban » Sat Dec 05, 2015 11:43 pm

My 5 foot tall wife has mentioned she is after a step through frame with front basket, rear carry rack and mudguards, and she doesn't want lots of gears. It's just to ride with the kids to and from school, quick trips to the shops, but she needs some gears for our annual trip to Rottnest and its hills.

LBS had a Malvern Star "Wisp 1" for $400 with 1 x 6 speed rear derailleur and all the above, so I'm thinking of getting her one. They also do a Shimano 3 speed internal for $100 more (Wisp 2 - pass).

Reid do a similar model with 7 gears for $300 to $400 once optioned up: ... -plus.html ... -lite.html

I'm leaning more towards the Malvern Star. Anyone got any feedback on these, or similar bikes?
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