Reef Bikes after sales service non existant

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Reef Bikes after sales service non existant

Postby cruza52 » Fri Nov 18, 2016 7:05 pm

I purchased a brand new electric bike for $3300.00 from this company on the 14th September with some major issues such as motor/hub not working correctly sticking in free wheel throwing the chain every time, sensor and controller not working, rear wheel rim split and paintwork badly scratched and chipped. The bike was loose packed in a carton with pedals just thrown in loose. It looks like a well used bike and is not able to be ridden and I am told dangerous.

These are considered major problems and my intention is as Reef Bikes will not come to the party is to get a refund. Reef Bikes state “no refunds” “no returns” “All Products are guaranteed to work on arrival, as they are quality checked and tested before delivery”

I would like to say I can review this bike but it is not able to be ridden in it's current state and Reef Bikes have done nothing but empty promises to fix the issues

They told me they would assist to help me fix.... then to repair and they would compensate... then they would replace damaged parts and compensate and each time when an agreement was reached, they went into hiding for a few weeks and we would have to start over..

Under NSW Consumer Legislation Reef Bikes are not correct with their warranty claims. They are liable to refund or replace at the consumers discretion .

When NSW Fair trading tried to contact Reef Bikes, they advised me that they would not return telephone calls or respond to emails concerning the incorrect warranty statements on their web site.

NSW Fair Trading then suggested I make application to claim to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal which I have done and had the conciliation meeting on the 15th November which Reef Bikes refused to attend. It has now gone straight to a hearing process beginning in December where I will get a tribunal order. Each time Reef Bikes offer one solution or another (usually after they get notification of a meeting or such)and agree on the solution (all of this I have in writing) and then just stop communication at the last moment. A week or so later the first communication starts off "I told you I would help you fix the problem" haven't heard that one before :)

It has been 66 days so far and this bike is stuck in the garage without being able to be used..

Now that they have got my money, they have not further interest in my problems ...

So if you are considering a Reef Bike DON'T DO IT or be prepared to be stuffed around if things go wrong for a long long time and the need to spend half a lifetime to get blood out of this stone..

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Re: Reef Bikes after sales service non existant

Postby eldavo » Sat Nov 19, 2016 12:20 am

Thanks for the heads-up and details.

There is a guy here who was spamming for Reef with some dubious claims and lack of disclosure. I gently suggested self moderation but Chris the claimed design engineer disappeared after the marketing blitz.

Make a post on Whirlpool and Product Review to warn others also, as they are high google ranking usually if someone searches for them pre-sales.

Good luck with the persistence for the process, our new national consumer laws are good, when the business is still operating. The ABC Checkout program is essentially scripted off of them by the Chasers team and will keep your fire burning if it ever dwindles and needs stoking by 3000 dollar bills.

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