Is it only a matter of time?

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Re: Is it only a matter of time?

Postby il padrone » Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:26 pm

master6 wrote:
il padrone wrote:Yes. Many on here are well aware of those rules*. Your point is....?

* The rules re. claiming the lane can be more clearly stated as follows.

Claiming necessary lane space is:
1. always legally possible (in any lane) on multi-lane roads that have speed limits of 80kmh or below
2. still legal on 90+kmh speed limit multi-lane roads, but only in the left lane, unless you are turning right.
3. legally possible on two-lane roads, where keeping left is impracticable (ie. unsafe or not possible for some reason) in the judgement of the cyclist.

il padrone, I am in no position to disagree with you, as frankly I dont know what is provided by law, however are you able to advise where we would find the provisiions you have described (which seem reasonable to me)

They are all in the provisions of Rule 129 & 130 that csy75 quoted. I just took the alternate perspective - what is permissible rather than what the rule bans.

For all drivers, they must keep in the left lane of multi-lane roads with speed limits >80kmh, unless overtaking or turning right. On roads of 80kmh or less any lane may be used. On roads with just two lanes (one each way) you (all drivers) must keep as far left as practicable*, but if there are issues that make it impracticable (drivers shaving too close, parked cars, road lanes about to narrow) you may ride out from the left as far as you need.

Pretty straight-forward really, once you know how to read the rule jargon.

*Observe how many drivers totally ignore this little rule :roll:
Riding bikes in traffic - what seems dangerous is usually safe; what seems safe is often more dangerous.
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il padrone
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by BNA » Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:26 pm


Re: Is it only a matter of time?

Postby Marto » Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:26 pm

rustychisel wrote:huh? Not sure I get it. :D :D :D :D

I meant that you have to have the... courage to keep going after a few incidents, and especially to continue to assertively claim your space in the lane.
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Re: Is it only a matter of time?

Postby Marto » Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:57 pm

trailgumby wrote:
+1 to sogood's comment on the probability of being hit, it does not accumulate over time.

+2 (or is it 3 or more now?)

A coin doesn't become heavier on the tails side if you have tossed 3 heads in a row, but the long term probability tends toward a 50% chance of tossing tails (or heads). Each coin flip has a 50% chance of being tails, as it is equally weighted. It's like the chances of catastrophic flooding in Brisbane are 1 in 100 each year, and not 1 in every 100 years. (a few locals that went through the 1974 flood expressed dismay that the next one came in less than 100 years).

A cyclist can keep their chances of crashing low by making sure they are observant (as mentioned by human909) and assertive in road positioning (as mentioned by Rustychisel). However a cyclist is not like a coin with a fixed probability of something happening, but they can learn from experience to ride to decrease their chances of having a prang.

Overall the chances of a cyclist crashing are probably lower than the alternative exercise or transport (and likely lower than doing nothing instead of cycling, with the risk of sedentary lifestyle related heath risks), and they do not necessarily increase with time.
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Re: Is it only a matter of time?

Postby csy75 » Thu Nov 10, 2011 9:41 am

so you it's like going to war, eventually your number comes up?
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