Brisbane City Concil continues proactive approach

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Brisbane City Concil continues proactive approach

Postby The 2nd Womble » Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:23 pm ... 6209204572
"BRISBANE drivers will be taught to curb their road rage towards cyclists in a bid to boost the number of two-wheeled commuters.

Just days after Tour de France-winning cyclist Cadel Evans branded Brisbane drivers ``unnecessarily nasty'', Lord Mayor Graham Quirk rolled out a new plan to increase cyclists in the city.

City Hall wants 20 per cent of commuters to walk or cycle by the year 2026 to help cut traffic congestion and said all road users needed to show better etiquette when sharing the bitumen.

"It aims to make active travel in Brisbane safer, more accessible and connected, create walking and cycling-friendly suburbs,'' he said.

Private-sector classes in ``cycling confidence'' are one of the proposals from the draft Brisbane Active Transport Strategy 2012-2026, along with a plan to educate drivers on safety. The plan also recommends bike path maps for smartphones, bike pit-stop stations with pumps and tools, and the construction of more cycleways away from cars and walkers.

The report will be released for consultation next week.
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