Vittoria Evo Slippery dip

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Vittoria Evo Slippery dip

Postby ft_critical » Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:42 pm

Theme is, not all tyres are made equal.

So I swapped my racing tyres Vittoria Evo CX for Ultremo ZXR. All good. Training bike was a worn GP4000. Expensive to train on, but… what the hell I put the Vittoria Evo CX on the training bike. Probably 250km only on it and fitted directionally.

I love these tyres, you can bang 130-40 psi in them and they roll superbly. Dry grip is pretty good also.

I noticed on my previous commute that when I stand and drive on a steep slope, in the wet, I was getting a bit of back wheel spin, which I had not experienced on GP or Gators.

Well, it got worse. Decending to Mooney Mooney Creek on the rough bitumen in the wet I was suddenly in a two wheel drift on an off camber corner at 50kmh, heading for the amcoing. I did a right foot unclip to try to get more weight out on the right as I slid left. I was friggin scary. Some feathering of the back brake, keeping weight on that left pedal, looking where I wanted to go and not at the drop away and I saved it.

And before you give me tips on wet cornering, it is the tyres. They have no wet grip on that surface. They were okay on the hotmix and even the medium rough bitumen in the wet. My mate running GP4000 was fine. In sum a dry race tyre.

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Re: Vittoria Evo Slippery dip

Postby trailgumby » Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:52 pm

Glad you kept the rubber side down. :shock: Good save.

I did have a similar moment though on the GP4000s' first ride, which was wet. Wasn't anywhere near 50km/hr, fortunately. I loves me GP4000s. The cuts might be a pain in the butt, the wear not the greatest, but they do work well in the wet ... once you've worn off the mould release. :roll:

And the puncture resistance ain't too shabby. You've encouraged me to stay loyal.

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Re: Vittoria Evo Slippery dip

Postby ldrcycles » Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:15 pm

Nice work on keeping it up, i doubt i'd be able to do the same. Must have got the heart rate right up there!
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