Doorings under attack

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Re: Doorings under attack

Postby Cheesewheel » Thu Aug 02, 2012 10:24 am

jules21 wrote:
Cheesewheel wrote:for what its worth, insurance issues weigh it otherwise.

Had a friend who was involved in a dooring incident (motorvehicle on motorvehicle) and it seems to be the closest thing you can come to for a 100% at fault payout. From what he was telling me, even if a person leaves a door open just a little bit and leaves it unattended, they are liable for whatever damages it causes (of course if it kills you you probably won't be in a state to receive compensation)

i don't understand your point cheesewheel. i agree that fault lies with the door opener, but that hasn't stopped police from refusing to issue fines. the latter isn't an indication police blame the victim, probably more that they sympathise with the perpetrator.

My point is that, as far as making the culprit wearing some sort of penalty, if the police aren't helpful you can always take a different avenue (if there is some sort of damage) . Even if you don't have an insurance policy, you can take them to the small claims tribunal (which is what another friend, - on a bicycle this time - , did when he got doored and his bike was practically written off).

Either way, I'm sure that the desired result will be the same (ie the culprit will remember to look for cyclists before they open their door and they will tell their friends how much they had to pay).

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