Safety of Cycleways next to major roads - Alexandria

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Safety of Cycleways next to major roads - Alexandria

Postby FrankL » Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:56 pm


I was wondering if anybody who has used the cycleway on bourke rd alexandria has had troubles with cars crossing into the cycle path.
I have found the section on bourke road where many businesses are located to be particularly dangerous, with a major near miss last week promoting me to send a message to the council, yet to receive any response.

Has anybody else had a similar experience?



Hello ,

I am writing to you regarding a concern with a section of the burke road cycleway and the high possibility of somebody getting injured.

The concern is regarding the section towards Mascot where there is a number of industrial businesses. In this section cars/trucks turn across the cycleway to enter businesses. My experience has been that cars/trucks turn across the cycleway without looking for cyclists on the path.

Of particular concern is where a car is only looking towards other on-coming traffic and darts quickly across thereby not looking at the cycleway. This situation occurred to me this morning, of which I only missed running into the car by inches. What is disturbing is that cycling down the path I have no visibility of cars coming from behind who then choose to dart in front of me. This situation can clearly re-appear as cars/trucks consider only oncoming traffic and not the cycleway.

I personally have had a number of near misses, most of the time it has been from cars coming in the opposite direction which at least gives the cyclist the visibility and time to stop. But my experience is that cars either 1) do not know that they should give way, 2) do not have awareness of the cycleway or 3) do not care. Either way the cyclist is at risk. I am coming to the opinion that for that section it is safer to ride on the road rather than the cycleway.

Could you please get your traffic engineers to reconsider the problem as I foresee that somebody could easily get injured.

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Re: Safety of Cycleways next to major roads - Alexandria

Postby zero » Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:08 am

Yep - they've been told about it often enough.

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