Cyclist down - Atwell, WA

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Cyclist down - Atwell, WA

Postby AdsPear » Sun Nov 03, 2013 11:36 pm

I was on my night ride tonight, and about 500m in front of me a car collided with a cyclist. He was ok, a bit cut up, with a nasty cut to his elbow and a graze on his ankle. I stayed with him till the ambulance arrived, and he walked to the ambulance. He seemed in pretty good spirits considering. The driver of the car was also a regular cyclist, and I think he was more shaken than the rider. It appears that the car has waited till a straight section of road to overtake him, and as he has gone to overtake, the rider has indicated right and then pulled out in front of the car. The cyclist was training for an ironman event next weekend, hope he gets to do it still!

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