The haters are right!

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The haters are right!

Postby ColinOldnCranky » Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:57 pm

It seems (nay, it is definite) that any time some rider is killed by an errant driver, all the haters get on their soapbox and imply (some do more) that the issue is that other cyclists do naughty things, like run red lights. Therefore there is no need for errant motorist to concern himself with the well being of a cyclist. Even if the dead cyclist does not run red lights, he is still a cyclist and therefore deserving of what befalls him. :evil:

Well, it has always upset me that all you rabid cyclists can't see the undeniable reasoning behind this argument, all being so focussed on your own little world.

Well, a few minutes ago I saw it! I saw how to convince y'all of the validity of the haters logic, and the error of your own. I just need to depersonalise cycle safety by taking cyling out of the argument.

So, here goes.

There are some people out there who eat badly. They do nothing to reduce their obesity and exercise is only what can be done with a remote control.

Which is why, though many may not be overweight and do exercise, society does not concern itself with health care OF ANYONE!.

Ergo, we do not have hospitals. We do not have ambulances. Doctors are a waste of resources.

The protection and extension of life or health or the improvement of health is not a valid or necessary pursuit. 8)

Yep. Makes perfect sense.
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