Good cycling infrastructure - built in from the start

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Good cycling infrastructure - built in from the start

Postby RobertL » Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:27 pm

Good cycling infrastructure can be achieved in Australia.

I heard about the Aura development at the last Brisbane CBD BUG meeting:

It is a new residential development to the south of Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. It is typical of one of those big, planned residential developments happening in all major cities these days.

What is unique is that they are building in cycling infrastructure and making it a selling point. For example, they are not just building shared paths through the new parklands, they are also building a segregated, on-road veloway along the main roads - connecting schools, shopping centres etc. This veloway has "proper" bicycle treatments at roundabouts, traffic lights and other junctions.

Unfortunately, I can't find any good photos on their website of the infrastructure, but I saw some at the BUG meeting, and it looks pretty good.

They are making a big deal about the cycling facilities in their sales information. In fact, the sales centre has e-bikes that they lend to visitors to get around and look at the place. Here is their article from earlier this year that briefly describes their veloway and free bike hire: ... -bike-hire.

So this can be done in Australia, and the fact that it can be done at Aura is now a cudgel that we can use to beat over the heads of recalcitrants and naysayers elsewhere.

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