Do you strictly obey left turn only lane markings?

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Re: Do you strictly obey left turn only lane markings?

Postby antigee » Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:06 pm

BJL wrote:
chriso_29er wrote:I would say that the designer of those markings actually expected bikes to stay in the turn lane. But the bike symbol could be located in a much better spot. God knows if that goes against the road rules or not.

Without re-quoting the photos, what the road engineers meant for cyclists is completely unknown. I highly doubt that the engineers put any thought into what cyclists would do here at all. What you're seeing is priority being given to motorists..........

Agree - not only is priority given to motorists it is also a given that speed shouldn't be reduced by cyclists intruding into a through space for vehicles - one other (of many) bits of cycle lane design that annoys me is when a cycle lane disappears to allow a vehicle right turn lane and through traffic to pass on the inside - emphasis is on maintaining speed of through vehicles

going back to what did the road designer intend? - no idea but what I do know is that cyclist provision like this is inherently dangerous when experienced cyclists have to think and debate about what to do...and then use their experience to give a safe solution - sadly less experienced cyclists trust the road layout to be inherently safe

sort of back on topic an interesting out where the cyclist is expected to be going in this pic' >>>>>


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Re: Do you strictly obey left turn only lane markings?

Postby Scintilla » Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:05 pm

The day drivers obey "strictly keep left of double-lines", "strictly stop at all red-lights" or "strictly do not overtake cyclists unsafely" is when I will begin to care about whether it is a left-turn-only, or a left-turn- straight-ahead lane.

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