Who'd a thunk it? Snobbie's an advocate. Sort of.

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Who'd a thunk it? Snobbie's an advocate. Sort of.

Postby Thoglette » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:38 pm

Cycling Tips have just run an article on BNSYC. While most of the first half is the expected story-of-his-life, the last half is mostly about advocacy.

There's whole section on helmet laws, which is pretty much aligned with the view that MHLs are about politics, not safety. As usual, snobbie throws a little hyperbolic snark in to make sure no-one can miss the message.

BSNYC wrote:In 100 years, one of two things is going to happen: Either we’re going to look back at this puritanical preoccupation that cyclists have to wear a helmet on a bicycle all the time and laugh about it, like how people laugh at chastity belts today, or nobody’s going to ride bikes anymore because people think they’re too dangerous. That’s the bottom line.

For those who've missed it, here's his piece for the Washington Post on why bicyclists aren't afraid of terrorists
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Re: Who'd a thunk it? Snobbie's an advocate. Sort of.

Postby Tequestra » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:58 pm

Here's a new rule for you all to ponder over tonight because I'm off to bed after a most wonderful day reading through this forum. Forget about pollution and the carbon-tax and all that politics for now, and regardless of the propulsion be it petrol, diesel or electrical.

World Motor Vehicles Act 2018 in my head: Maximum nett weight of all 4-wheel passenger vehicles: 200kg.

You knock me with that and I'll get up and knock you back.

Cheerio my friends. I know it's crazy, but think of the future and how much our grand children are going to make schoolyard jokes about old Henry Ford who though that a horseless-carriage had to be heavy enough for a horse to drag around.
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