Meanwhile, in the real world: Madrid announces 30kph limits and more

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Meanwhile, in the real world: Madrid announces 30kph limits and more

Postby Thoglette » Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:41 pm

El Pais: Madrid announces new rules of the road in bid to banish traffic from center
Madrid 5 OCT 2018 - 13:30 CEST

MIGUEL ÁNGEL MEDINA wrote:Madrid City Council is set to approve a new Sustainable Mobility Ordinance that will change the way residents move around public spaces.

The new measures, which will take effect between five and 15 days after the council approves them on Friday, introduce a speed limit of 30km/h on all one-way streets and on single-lane two-way streets.

Under the new rules, motorcycles will not be allowed to park on sidewalks less than three meters wide or near pedestrian crossings. Bicycles will be able to make right [left] turns at red lights where indicated. And new traffic restrictions will go into effect in the downtown area on November 23.

New speed limits
Besides the 30km/h limit on one-way streets and single-lane two-way streets, the city will slow traffic down to 20km/h on streets where the sidewalk is not elevated above road level, such as in the neighborhoods of Lavapiés and Chueca. The 30km/h rule will affect 80% of Madrid’s streets – not just in the downtown area. These measures aim to increase road safety and reduce the chance of accidents involving pedestrians.

The spirit of the new ordinance is to favor sustainable mobility. New signs will indicate the presence of “Zonas 30,” where pedestrians may cross the street at any spot after checking that they are not running a risk or slowing down traffic. And in “Calles 20,” pedestrians will have priority over vehicles. The city is also planning to roll out more traffic lights with incorporated cameras, and to designate “pedestrian special protection spaces” where neither motorcycles nor bicycles will be allowed to park.

Bicycles will be able to turn right on a red light where so indicated. They may also move against the traffic on residential streets with speed limits of 20km/h or under, and on shared-use lanes. The 30km/h speed limit on many streets also seeks to favor shared road space between motorists and cyclists. The latter will also be allowed to lock their bikes to street furniture as long as they don’t block the way for pedestrians.

Some other restrictions on parking of cars and motorcycles. No general repeal of "jay walking" laws but I suspect they're not enforced either.
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Re: Meanwhile, in the real world: Madrid announces 30kph limits and more

Postby uart » Thu Oct 18, 2018 3:49 pm

LOL, the motoring lobby would stark raving bat crap crazy if they tried that here. :D

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Re: Meanwhile, in the real world: Madrid announces 30kph limits and more

Postby antigee » Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:21 pm

uart wrote:LOL, the motoring lobby would stark raving bat crap crazy if they tried that here. :D

if it was the RACV they wouldn't be able to put together a response that would stand up to scrutiny - according to them reducing the speed limit to 30km/hr is the same as reducing the average speed to 30km/hr - can only assume this is based on drivers not slowing or stopping for intersections, traffic lights or out of consideration for other road users :shock: Need to realise that significant number of drivers react to congestion by driving at legally permitted but dangerous to others speeds in between being stationary

RACV Magazine Oct 2018:


Interesting article on impact in Bristol, UK (population 0.5m) that has had very extensive 20mph speed limits for some time:

"Bristol 20mph zones: Four lives a year saved, study finds"

not so long since Melbourne (CBD) Council produced some discussion papers on the topic to have Andrews and opposition state politicians intervene in the press: ... 4zmtr.html

Andrews, Guy give thumbs down to Capp's 'ridiculous' CBD traffic plan

"...............Pedestrians would be given priority in Melbourne’s CBD, with the council considering drastic changes including increasing the time pedestrians have to cross at junctions, cutting the speed limit to 30kmh, reducing on-street parking and making fewer streets open to two-way traffic.......

...........‘‘Increasing the level of walking connectivity by 10 per cent would increase the value of the Hoddle Grid economy by $2.1 billion per annum,’’ the council's paper reads."

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