How to promote Cycling in the Country?

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How to promote Cycling in the Country?

Postby martinjs » Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:44 pm

Big question this one, a lot of towns a well suited to cycling, not far to go and not as much traffic.
Probably the biggest issue as soon as you get over 10k's out of town the time issues is a factor, no time gain at all from cycling, in fact it's in the negative. The further out from town the more time you lose. Not to mention dirt roads, narrow rough roads and such.

Any ideas peoples?

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Re: How to promote Cycling in the Country?

Postby penseleit » Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:39 am

I live in a small country town (Yass, NSW) but I work in a regional city 65km away (Canberra), so I only ride in my small town for recreation - not for getting to and from work.

Having said that, country towns and their surrounds are absolutley fantastic for recreational cycling.

My friends and I have a ridden all over the local countryside and have the benefit of beautiful scenery, massive amounts of peace and quiet, very few cars and trucks on the roads, birds singing, sun filtering throuhg the trees etc.

We ride mountain bikes because the roads we travel are a mix of tarmac and gravel, but we have alot of fun and we get fit while doing so.

I haven't ridden all the way to work yet, - the ride is on a main highway - but I bring my bike to the edge of the regional city and ride the rest of the way to work - and back - 20kms one way.

I am considering putting together a brochure with our favourite bike rides, their gradings, maps, distance, elevation profile etc. and passing it on to our local council to see if they will take it up as a way to promote cycle tourism in the area. I think it could attract people to the region and promote cycling here in general.

I just need to find the time...

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