Trek FX 7.6 Frame

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Trek FX 7.6 Frame

Postby Ruffred » Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:31 pm

G'day all , I'm trying to gather some opinions on the Trek FX 7.6 , particularly on the frame .
I've got a 2012 model 2 x 9 speed , aluminium frame , all the fancy names for the fork dampening and rear wishbone rubber insert. I really like the bike , it's comfortable , rides well . I've got the seat , stem , pedals etc set up to suit me and I use it regularly cruising around Sydney Inner West . Very nice bike .
However , I am finding the frame is very Flexi , I feel it is sort of moving underneath me esp pedalling under load in lower gears going up hill and also using the bigger gears on the flat or downhill . You can see the BB area moving ( not a lot but certainly not rigid) on each pedal stroke Given that this is the second one I have owned - previous was a 7.5 with similar frame , which I sold because of the flexing issues . Then I bought the current one hoping to find a different , more rigid frame , but it is the same . Perhaps I am answering my own question here , but do any other owners or interested persons have similar experience with the 7.6 / 7.5 frames ?
FWIW the frame is straight , rides no hands nicely with no tendency to track either way
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Re: Trek FX 7.6 Frame

Postby queequeg » Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:13 am

I had three 7.5FX bikes in row...i kept breaking the frame.
You are not imagining the flex in the BB area. That is where the tubing snapped in half on my first frame, and cracked in the exact same spot on the second one. After they gave me a warranty bike for the warranty bike, I decided to move on to something more robust, and now 55,000km later I found a crack in a Titanium weld and have sent it back for Warranty repair. At least it wasn't the BB that cracked this time though.
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