Experience with Cannondale Synapse Disc 105 2014

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Experience with Cannondale Synapse Disc 105 2014

Postby darkshrimp » Mon Nov 10, 2014 12:54 pm

Hi Guys.

Been looking around for a entry road bike for awhile now and currently have my eyes on the Cannondale Synapse Disc 105 2014.

After testing a few different bikes, this one is the most comfortable and the lightest (even compared to some of the carbon ones I've tried).

However, I've heard very different opinions regarding disc brakes.

I personally don't need them, if the store had a synapse without disc brakes, I would have bought it.

One camp says, they will be the normal soon, so if you're getting a NEW bike, might as well have them, while the other camp tells me they are more trouble than their worth (complicated wheel removal, rotors requires constant cleaning and noisey brake issues).

Would love to hear some feedback from people who has had this bike for awhile and would you recommend it?


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Re: Experience with Cannondale Synapse Disc 105 2014

Postby cancan64 » Mon Nov 10, 2014 1:33 pm

No experience with that model although I do have an older synapse and I have just upgraded to a disc braked Trek (although hydraulic) there is nothing complicated with the wheel removal, you do need to line up the rotor with the caliper but really its not that hard...I haven't had to clean the rotors at all and they are not noisy unlike the ultrega brakes on my synapse which were always noisy and you still need to keep the rims clean...(a positive is my new carbon rims wont wear out now)...I havent used the brakes in anger yet but I have tried some last minute braking at the bottom of a mountain descent for fun and they worked a treat...and when it decides to rain hopefully I can hit the brakes and no more hoping I stop in time.
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