Defy PRO vs SL

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Defy PRO vs SL

Postby jbnz » Sun Jan 03, 2016 6:04 pm

2015 Defy PRO 1 vs 2015 Defy SL 1.

Both run Mech Ultegra, SL has an ISP and carbon bits (wheelset, bar/stem) whereas the Pro has an adjustable seat post and alloy bits (wheelset, bar/stem)

They are both on special in my size but are about a $700 Difference in price.

I am not a massive cyclist any more (ex cyclist) and used to ride TCR's but now actually more into body building and looking for a nice endurance type frame to ride to the gym and the occasional early Sunday ride.

Which of the two would you recommend taking into account the $700 difference.

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Re: Defy PRO vs SL

Postby Duck! » Sun Jan 03, 2016 7:19 pm

They're different frames, and not just the seatpost. The Advanced SL is a different grade of carbon; it's stronger, which means less can be used, so lighter and more compliant, without affecting overall strength. However if cycling isn't your major focus any more you're probably not going to really appreciate the difference so I'd suggest the cheaper - and still very good - bike is more than adequate for your needs.
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