BMC GF01 sizing

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BMC GF01 sizing

Postby Nads » Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:48 pm

Hi all,

I am going to purchase the above bike and have hit a bit of a fork in the road, so I thought I would seek others advice. I currently ride a BMC SL01 in a size 54. The issue is I have the opportunity to purchase one in the team colours in a size 54 and another in the stealth colour in a size 56. Normally I would just buy the 54 but as I really like the stealth colour (it would match my Fulcrum Zeroes that are in the Dark colours which match exactly the colour of the stealth) I have been studying the geometry on the GF01 and my SL01 and have discovered the reach on the size GF01 size 56 is actually 5 mm shorter than my SL01 size 54. I know there are other things to consider but I have read numerous reviews on the GF01 and two of the reviewers actually mentioned that you may need to go to the next size up as you are very upright on the GF01. I know a way to solve this on the size 54 would be just to get a longer stem if you wanted more reach, but I just keep returning to the stealth colour which is what I want but cant get in a size 54.

Any GF01 owners out there that may be able to give me an insight in to their experience would be greatly appreciated. As there is only one BMC dealer locally who will only get stock in if you pay upfront (basically if he gets the 54 in for you and its to small, then tough you have already paid for it), I am purchasing the bike online so I am unable to test ride.

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