BMC EVO Aprebic Bicycle Fork Recalled Due to Fault

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BMC EVO Aprebic Bicycle Fork Recalled Due to Fault

Postby Aushiker » Sat Aug 03, 2013 8:27 am


BMC EVO Aprebic bicycle forks have been recalled by Product Safety Recalls Australia in-cooperation with Echelon Sports due to an issue with the forks possibly breaking during use. This is one of a number of recent recalls of bicycle forks.

Product Safety Recalls Australia are advising that there is a risk that the BMC EVO Aprebic Bicycle forks may break during use leading to a loss of control of the bicycle and hence resulting in fall injuries. I love they way the understate these matters at times.

If you have one of the affected BMC EVO Aprebic bicycle you are advised to stop using the bicycle immediately. BMC Switzerland will contact affected consumers with a resolution [note that they where expecting owners to let them know their contact details by July 20, 2013. Given the recall notice was posted after this date I am not sure what the status of this request is now. Maybe Product Recalls Australia can update their recall notice. Owners of affected bicycles that were not purchased in Australia should also contact Echelon Sports to discuss how to get a remedy.

More details in my blog posting.


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