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About the Australian Cycling Forum

Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2008 2:26 am
by AUbicycles
The Australian Cycling Forum connects cyclists from across Australia who share their interests in cycling online and offline. Different viewpoints are encouraged however discussions are monitored to ensure that they are fair. Discriminatory or defamatory content is not tolerated. The General Audience approach means that these forums are mature, family friendly and enjoyable.

Forum members Europa and Heavymetal contributed as valuable moderaters during early stages of the forum.
The following members support the forum as moderaters: mikesbytes, LuckyPierre, Mulger bill, Kalgrm and Aushiker.

The forum is managed by: AUbicycles

Please read guidelines / readme articles before posting. In registering for the forum you have agreed to the terms and conditions and are required to participate within these guidelines.

If you notice a violation or inappropriate content - please contact a moderater or the Site Administrator and provide details (name of offending user and link to post(s)- the issue will be addressed as soon as possible. While Bicycles Network Australia does not endorse or accept responsibility for members comments - we take an ethical responsibility to follow up on complaints and take appropriate action.