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BNA / Australian Cycling Forum Rules

Postby AUbicycles » Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:48 am

These are the Forum Rules for participation in the forum.
Rather than aiming to limit discussion these aim to create a family friendly environment for positive discussion free of unnecessary junk, spam and aggravations.

Consider before posting - is your post suitable for for General Audiences (i.e. children) - if in doubt, you can check with moderator. In the case of a dispute or if you notice inappropriate content please report the post.

Forum Rules
• Bad language, inappropriate content or discrimination is not permitted.
This is a family orientated forum. Includes no foiling the word censor to include bad language.
A word censor is in place to mask certain words, infringements will however still be penalised.
Quoted swearing whether masked or word-censored is considered the same as if you have typed it yourself and the same penalties can apply. To avoid this simply delete words or content from quotes that are inappropriate or not permitted.
• No commercial posts - ask a moderator in advance if you are uncertain.
• Sneaky and cloaked commercial spamming is easily detected and also incurs an immediate ban.
• Disagreements are allowed, though without personal attacks and flaming. Argue the idea not the person.
• Participate only if you agree to the Terms and Conditions.
• Use the "Report this Post" button (top right of post) to alert moderators to inappropriate content.
Moderaters choose the action they feel appropriate and action taken is not announced.
• Defamation is not permitted. For this reason we don't allow name and shame in which the purpose of a post is to discredit a personal, organisation, business or other entity.
• Each user accepts legal responsibility for their own content and Bicycles Network Australia reserves all rights to modify or remove any content in breach of the forum rules
• Illegal activity and content (under Australian Law) is not permitted
• Complaints can only be raised and discussed using the format defined in the ACF / BNA Solution Centre and not inside running threads.
• For survey or research posts, permission is required before posting (unless you are a long term member and posting a non-commercial survey)

Bicycles Network Australia and forum moderaters reserve the right to close member accounts without notification and prevent access to the forum by individuals who breach forum rules or who are deemed unsuitable or disruptive.

The following topics / content does not belong in this forum:
• Religion / Sexuality / Sex / Politics / Race & Ethnicity
• Sexual connotations or references, have no place in this family forum. The only exception is cycling related health and medical topics.
This is not an expression of conservative views rather sexually suggestive content is simply not appropriate when we welcome a broad audience including children.
• Messages and links external content containing sexually oriented/violent/illegal dialogue, images, content will be removed.

• Animated gifs and large graphics are not permitted. Smaller skinny graphics such as the Bike Journal progress graphic is fine.
• If you belong to or represent a commercial or non-commercial entity, you may link to them in your signature however keep it short - a signature can be useful and provide some generic information however is not a selling platform (no graphics or logos).
• Signatures that are too big, annoying, too commercial, contain too many links will be edited without notice.

Multiple Accounts
• Members may not have more than one account. A username change may requested by sending the administrator a Private Message (PM)
• If a member prefers to open a new member account, this must be requested by sending the administrator a Private Message (PM) with a concise explanation. If accepted, the old account will be deactivated though posts will remain.

Posting Items for sale
• You need min. 10 (real) posts and min. 7 days membership before you are eligible to post an item for sale in the "Market Place"
The only exception is if you ask and given permission from a moderator.
• Abide by the "Rules for Posting" in the Market Place

Tips for Participation
• Abide by Netiquette
• It helps to take it slow - get to know the forum by reading and following
• Re-read your post before pressing submit - if you read your post in two years, would you be happy with it?
• In the face of criticism - consider whether it is better to ignore a person or discussion rather than get sucked in
• Report a post or send a moderator a PM (Private Message) if you are in doubt.
• Ignore people or threads that simply antagonise (feeding the Trolls)
• Commonsense such as showing respect, being polite, reading the rules, checking for existing topics, posting in the right section and not posting duplicate posts will make it happier and more enjoyable for you and others.

Penalties / Consequences
Depending upon the severity the following action may be taken:
• removal / editing of content without notification
• A warning is given, two warnings result in an automatic ban
• A temporary or permanent ban
• User data is automatically collected and while it remains confidential, we cooperate with legal authorities if data is requested.

Privacy and Data Storage
Details on Privacy and Data Storage are in the Terms and Conditions.

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