Problems registering / logging in / posting - READ ME

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Problems registering / logging in / posting - READ ME

Postby AUbicycles » Fri Aug 04, 2006 5:58 pm

We have implemented some strict security measures to stop spammers... which sometimes affects normal visitors / members:

Security Question / Confirmation Code
To register you only should provide:
1 - Username
2 - Email address
3 - Password
4 - Password (repeated)
5 - Answer to a 'Security Question'
6 - Confirmation Code

1) The Security Questions IS NOT the same as the Confirmation Code. The Security Question requires you to answer the question.... if you don't know the answer a link is provided to this page and the answer is displayed.

2) The Confirmation Code is the set of 'jumbled letters' and you need to type it as you see it.


If you can't register:
If you get an error message that mentions 'spam robots', try registering again but flll in only the required fields, you can edit the optional fields later once your account is set up.

No confirmation or activation email
Sometimes when you successfully register, you don't receive the E-mail in which you activate your account. (This should only take a few minutes). Sometimes these free E-mail providers (eg hotmail or yahoo) may block E-mails from forums (as they think they are spam).

The most common problem is entering your E-Mail address incorrectly. We receive at least two errors messages a day as a result of people who are trying to register and have simply typed in their E-Mail address incorrectly.

Simple solution, if you don't receive an activation E-mail ... then send me an E-mail info (at) and I will assist.

Can't Log In
If you have successfully logged in before but can't log in now, click on Memberlist to see if your user name is there. If not, please register again. If your user name is there, email me. (Users that have not made any posts in the last 6 months may be deleted due to inactivity).

Can't post - error on posting
If you receive an error message on posting, could it be that you are a new forum member and are posting a website address. New members are not permitted to post URLs. Unfortunately spammer abuse this feature of forums and hence we have taken action against it.


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