Cyclist Sponsorship

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Cyclist Sponsorship

Postby AUbicycles » Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:06 pm

Last year we reviewed a bike light from a Chinese company ( Xeccon S14 1200 Lumen Light ) from Xeccon who are growing and developing themself as a brand.

They have been in contact as they are starting a sponsorship program, a promotion that will get selected cyclist lights. Their Return on Investment is that the cyclists support in documenting / promoting the gear. This is promotion is not directly related to or linked with Bicycles Network Australia however there may be some forum members and visitors who have an interest so I am providing details:

Organizer: XECCON / Strivers Holdings Co., Ltd.
Target users:Recreational, commuter, amateur and professional racing competitors
Target countries: Worldwide
Search duration: Aug 1st to Sep 1st 2013
Sponsorship: bike lights and accessories

Sponsorship scope:
1. Xeccon will supply products to at least 20 riders in every country. To qualify for sponsorship, applicants need to fill in the application form stating their experience and/or team information and agree to the terms and conditions of this sponsorship/user review

2. Xeccon will send items to approved applicants.

3. For your part, he/she needs to post review in either forums and/or blogs. Her/she may also post their experiences in Facebook or other social media. YouTube or Vimeo uploads of your rides with links and address reference to . with name and sponsorship/reviewer reference.

Requirements and Terms & Condition notes:
A)Fill in the application and survey form.
B)Review and post reviews
C)Upload ride experience or video review
D)Share user and riding tips where possible

To get the application for simply email:

If you are chosen, obviously approach it ethically when promoting or reviewing - on Bicycles Network Australia reviews can be posted in repy to this topic or ask me for access to the reviews section.

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Re: Cyclist Sponsorship

Postby nomadicsoul » Thu Aug 01, 2013 7:53 pm

This looks great - just sent Faye an email. I recently did a review/pilot project for 'Personal Mobility Devices' which are basically alternatives to Segways. Here is a small video about the European Qugo:

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