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Account Deactivated - Read this

Postby AUbicycles » Mon Aug 03, 2015 8:41 pm

If your email address associated with your account is broken and you have forum notifications, then these failed emails then come to me (admin).

Without the option to 'email' the members, I temporarily deactivate the member account. Either the member is not regular and it is not noticed or the member is regular and very quickly they send a polite email asking 'what happened'? I then have a valid email and can update this and reactivate... easy.

For members who have not been active for 3 - 4 years or longer, it was necessary to deactivate many of these accounts to protect them from brute force hacking - for example if someone had a simple password that was easy to guess (for a computer) they were at risk. Likewise a polite email requesting access gets you back in fairly quickly.

If you have problems accessing, and the 'password forgotten' option (during login) isn't working either, email me as much info as possible (password not required - but member name and email is useful).

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