BNA site access issues (down?)

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BNA site access issues (down?)

Postby AUbicycles » Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:45 am

From the back-end, there has been a spike in rogue crawlers which are overloading the server and at times causing short periods of downtime.

What this means (in easy speak) is that automated programs which crawl the internet visit the site. Some are good such as Google crawler as it indexes the pages in its search engine. Some are annoying such as microsoft bing and yahoo, as those services are long since expired and were questionable anyway. And some a bad because they drain the site, copying all content for various purposes. At times, the site gets hit by multiple crawlers which creates a high server load and it can be a bit tricky to block the bad ones as the are designed to deceive or conceal themselves.

So this is currently happening on BNA so when posting, the best tip is to copy your entire post before clicking the submit button. In the situations that the site is being targeted, you have a copy of your post, usually the problems clear within minutes.

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