Reminder - Language and Courtesy in the Cycling Forum

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Reminder - Language and Courtesy in the Cycling Forum

Postby AUbicycles » Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:15 am

Welcome to the many new members. It is worth reminding all members about the policy on language and courtesy in the forum.

The reason we ask that bad language is not used is because this forum is accessible to a wide range of people, from seniors to school children. It is possible to say everything or to express emotions using better language and this has the positive side effect that the tone of the discussion improves and becomes is far more useful.

There is a word-censor to block out some of those words, however this is not an invitation to try and circumvent the word-censor.


Courteous Discussion
Every individual is entitled to their views and in discussions if courtesy and respect is used, then the discussions are progressive and positive - even when the topic is controversial and even when participants have different opinions.

When a person is attacked and their character and integrity challenged then the discussions fail and everyone gets upset.

Tips for posting:
- Press preview instead of submit and read your post again before posting
- Ask whether your post may be misunderstood (does it need to be clarified)
- Does it attack other participants - attack the topic, not the person.

For new members, there are some subjects which are off-limits in this forum as that are generally not directly relevant and they flare up each time, they divide us and and leave a lot of people upset. For these reasons there are no discussions on religion, sexuality, Ssex, politics, race and ethnicity.


Problems? Report the post
If you have any concerns, report the post with the report button on the top right of each post. This will bring the post to the attention of the moderators who can then review and if necessary take action. You can report if you are unsure - it is better to have a moderator involved before it gets out of hand.


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