Can't Register (flagged as a spammer)? Read This

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Can't Register (flagged as a spammer)? Read This

Postby AUbicycles » Tue Aug 02, 2016 9:55 am

If you are not a spammer - but have tried to register and received a message that you are blocked, relax. The following will help work through it and resolve.

Unfortunately spam is a massive issue but the Australian Cycling Forums are spam-free because we have both automated and manual controls to prevent spammers. Unfortunately, the automated controls can catch the wrong people from time to time.

We use a 3rd party service called Stop Forum Spam which is a blacklist. Nasty spammers tend to flood forums across the globe and quickly get blocked - their IP address ends up in the database. However, if your computer has been infected by malware and used to launch spam attacks or if you have a dynamic IP address which has previously been used to spam, you would be flagged and blocked.

Get your computer checked for malware and other damaging programs that should not be there.

Two Solutions
1. If you have a Dynamic IP address (eg. which is assigned by your ISP (most people do), a quick solution is to restart your modem and your ISP will assign you with a new IP address and give you a fresh start.

2. The second is to visit the “stop forum spam' service and request an IP address removed.

What can BNA do?

The Australian Cycling Forums use the blacklist to help prevent hundreds of spammers daily however we can't manage IP addresses or request removal on your behalf. It is also not viable to disable the service as the forum would become quickly overrun with spam.

Please follow the steps above - if you get stuck and believe that your IP address is clean but are still experiencing access problems, please use the contact form and provide details.


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