Victoria University Seeking Cyclists for Research Study

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Victoria University Seeking Cyclists for Research Study

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Research Study Opportunity
Title: The Effect of Exercise Above and Below the Lactate on Markers of Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Men

Research Study Details:
We are conducting a research study to determine whether skeletal muscle adaptations are proportional to exercise intensity, or if there is a disproportionate increase in skeletal muscle adaptions when exercise is performed at an intensity above the lactate threshold (LT). The study involves a minimum of eight visits where you will perform one graded exercise test, two exercise bouts to confirm the LT, two familiarisation exercise bouts and three exercise bouts with muscle biopsies. We will be measuring oxygen consumption, heart rate and sampling venous blood throughout each visit. During the last three visits skeletal muscle biopsy will be taken from the vastus medialis (i.e., thigh), 4 during each visits and 12 in total. All testing will take place in the Exercise Physiology Lab at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL) at Victoria University (Footscray Park Campus) Melbourne, VIC.

Research Participants:
We are recruiting males (18-40 years of age)

Participants Benefit:
We anticipate that participation will benefit the participant’s physical fitness and enhance the efficacy of their own exercise prescription. Participants will be given information of their LT, maximal lactate steady state/FTP, VO2max, etc., this information will be of interest to this specific population for training implications. Participants will be offered reimbursement for participating in the study valued at $100. The $100 will be in the form of a voucher to the local super market (i.e., Coles). The voucher will be divided into two $50 instalments (i.e., pro rata). Participants will receive $50 for completing visits 1-5 and receive the second $50 once visits 6-8 have been completed. The purpose of the reimbursement voucher is to supplement costs incurred for travel, parking or other expenses and to minimise the possibility of the participant receiving no benefit from participating in the proposed research study.

Information you will receive:
1. VO2max
2. Maximal Lactate Steady State (aka Functional Threshold Power)

Contact Details:
Nick Jamnick
PhD Candidate
Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL)
College of Sport & Exercise Science
Victoria University (Footscray Park)
Melbourne VIC 8001, Australia
M: +61 401 331 762

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