2014 Hardrock Sports Disc

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2014 Hardrock Sports Disc

Postby Specialized29er » Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:50 pm

Hi Folks,
I've had a Hardrock 29er Sports Disc mountain bike now for a couple of years, which I just love and to start the 2015 session I'd like a brand new one but after checking the Specialized Australia site I see they are not listed as a 29er.
Can anyone in the know confirm this and I see they now have a model called the Pitch and I see they have a 650b wheel. I've never heard of this size before so I'm wondering if they are the same as a 29er? tyre and rim.

Just gathering some information first before travelling the 300 klms each way to my nearest Specialized dealer. I'm 6' 1'' and love the 29er Hardrock and will never go back to the 26'' rims

Cheers Owen

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Re: 2014 Hardrock Sports Disc

Postby Calvin27 » Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:25 pm

I think the 29ers are now called rockhoppers.

As I see it - they have messed up the naming and made it very confusing. Rockhopper 29 is what you seek. Being an ex hardrock owner I am surprised they ditched this bike. the rockhopper has an unsightly top tube!

27.5 is closer to 26 than 29. They are not the same and definitely not what you're after if you like the 29er.
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