Old vs New SRAM Red Shifters

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Old vs New SRAM Red Shifters

Postby RRalphy » Fri Nov 08, 2013 4:22 pm

Currently pricing a new build and planning to get some SRAM Red shifters, I have sourced a set of the older style shifters purchased in 2009 (so obviously used to some degree though dont know how many kms) for around $250 and am weighing up if I should just bite the bullet and spend $470 on a new set of the latest mdoel shifters. I only ask as the cost of the build is starting to blow out from my initial expectations (always seems justified to spend just a little more on a component and then suddenly everything is upgraded...). Is the shifting with the new version that much better to justify $200 (10% of the cost of the build) more? presumably they will have less issues than the old used ones?

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Re: Old vs New SRAM Red Shifters

Postby flex5150 » Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:01 am

are you using a combination of red or going all "new red?
I have both styles and find the only difference is the ergo feel weight from memeory is the same.
One upgrade which is a must is the Yaw front mech. Ditch the ti 2011 red it was too flexy.
I used new mechs with old 2011 red cranks on my slr and it was the best shifting I had ever experienced.

someone is selling a bit of red2012 on ebay atm keep an eye on it.
oh and I have red cranks if you need them.
good luck with the build.
BMC SLR01 '15 RED22

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