Ultegra chainsets

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Ultegra chainsets

Postby Magpie » Fri May 04, 2018 9:07 pm

Hi , I’ve an ultegra 6800 chainset that has has broken right side arm after 30 months of use. The LBS suggests this is an not uncommon issue, looking on the internet suggests this happens , while I understand it’s out of warranty and need to cop the replacements costs, but is there an alternative so it won’t happen again in a couple of years or has Shimano done anything to improve the product?

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Re: Ultegra chainsets

Postby Duck! » Fri May 04, 2018 9:58 pm

I would not go so far as to say it's "not uncommon", but yes, there are cases of cranks separating. Tne R8000 series which has been available fot almost a year now replaces the 6800 model, and is a bit beefier in the right arm construction.
I had a thought, but it got run over as it crossed my mind.

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