Problem with Veloce

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Problem with Veloce

Postby AndrewBurns » Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:26 am

Hey all, I have 2011 Campy Veloce on my road bike and it's done about 3000km now (all the same parts, maybe I should change the chain...) except for cables and housings which I had to replace when I changed the bars around.

The group started out great but recently I've been having problems shifting up to larger sprockets on the rear. That's not to say that the shifting doesn't work or that it's badly adjusted, it actually works fine but I think the problem is with the shifter itself. I have the 'powershift' shifters so I get 3 up-shifts per sweep of the lever behind the brake lever. Unfortunately the detente 'clicks' of this lever have become seriously weak to the point where I can hardly hear or feel them when riding, the result is that every time I sweep the lever for an up-shift unless I'm careful the chain will dance up two sprockets and then back down one which is very frustrating and jerky for my legs.

Does anybody have any idea what can be done about this? I've done some reading and apparently soft clicks was a bit of a problem with some production years but I think the shifters I have were supposed to be the 'fixed' ones. I suppose I could replace the shifters but I don't want to unless I know the same thing isn't going to happen in another 3000 km and the only upgrade that I can go to is Centaur (because I have 10 speed) unless I want to search around for some NOS 10 speed higher-level shifters (which apparently had problems like g-springs wearing and breaking etc).

Everyone goes on about Campy lasting forever and the rest of the group is doing fine, but this shift paddle problem is such a pain especially on long rides where I'm tired, makes me want to throw the whole lot in the bin!

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Re: Problem with Veloce

Postby gabrielle260 » Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:41 am

Hi Andrew, sorry but I don't know enough mechanically about Campag to answer your question. However, if you do need to replace your levers, I have a pair of 4 yr old 10 speed Chorus levers that I am going to put up for sale when I get back from holiday. PM me if you decide you need to replace yours,
Good luck finding a solution,

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Re: Problem with Veloce

Postby def » Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:26 am

G'Day Andrew,

I have older 9sp Veloce. I found that after a few years the levers were giving me trouble. Changing was imprecise and chain was not tracking well on some sprockets. And the tracking depended on whether I was shifting up or down.

Anyway, in my case the levers had worn out internals. The inside of the lever is like a clock with gears, springs etc. They wear out.

Fortunately, you can buy spares and rebuild the levers and make them mechanically like new. The outside of mine still look worn out. I got all the bits I needed from Branford Bike in the US and used you-tube to learn about the dissemble/assemble process.

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Re: Problem with Veloce

Postby ValleyForge » Fri Sep 14, 2012 9:35 am

Veloce should last well beyond 3K. The 11S Record levers did break the odd return spring, but that was usually after 10K.

I'd clean the cables (especially the last one to the RD) and a bit of PTFE lube on the detent inside the lever will help.
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