Chorus 11sp chain coming off

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Chorus 11sp chain coming off

Postby Rhys.Marshall » Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:05 pm

Hi guys,
Hopefully someone can help me here ! Iv been having problems since new with the chain coming off of my chorus groupset. The only time this happens is in big front ring and little rear ring and over bumps in the road. Typically the chain comes off the rear ring to the outside but today it came off the front ring to the outside. Im pretty new to road cycling so i dont have any ideas what it could be but i kinda suspect that the chain is to loose and maybe needs a link or 2 taken out of it to hold better tension and stop it bouncing off. Cruising on flat no probs at all just when i hit something like a man hole cover or small pot holes the chain comes off. The groupset was brand new and has done about 700ks so far, and was also installed by a professional bike shop not by myself. Iv checked the basic adjustments as per campy specs in the instructions and all seems to be normal.
Thanks for any help anyone can give me !!

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Re: Chorus 11sp chain coming off

Postby ValleyForge » Sun Jun 22, 2014 7:21 pm

Two possibilities - there is a tight link, and yes, it's too loose.

Start with a pair of rubber gloves and with the bike either upside down or in a stand, bend each pivot in the chain & see if one (the linking pin usually) is too tight. If it is, a lateral bend will open in a little.

If you can't find a tight link, check the campydocs for working out the correct chain length. If it is too long, you'll need an 11S chain tool and a new linking pin. That is to say, more expensive than the bikeshop will charge!
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Re: Chorus 11sp chain coming off

Postby RonK » Sun Jun 22, 2014 7:36 pm

More likely the derailleur limit screws need adjusting, perhaps both front and rear.

Easy to check if the chain is too long - it will rub on the rear derailleur when on small-small.
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