Campagnolo Khamsin Wheelset (2015)

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Campagnolo Khamsin Wheelset (2015)

Postby Storm Boy » Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:20 pm

I received a pair of Campagnolo Khamsins today, their use is for a set of wet weather/ backup wheels. I've now had some experience replacing bearings in the Sciroccos, so if/when I need to do the same to these it should be a little easier.

I'll post some basic weights and dimensions in case it is useful for someone else. Rim weights including rim tape but excluding skewer are: Front - 840g, Rear (Shimano freewheel) 1.00 kg. Internal rim size is around 15.3mm, and external rim size on the braking track is around 21mm.

A free plug for Wiggle, the wheels were ordered on Friday evening, and arrived here on the following Monday. 3 days from the UK. How good is that! :D



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