Infinito CV - Fork recall/replacement

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Infinito CV - Fork recall/replacement

Postby Smithy78 » Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:21 pm

Just to make other Infinito CV owners aware - I had a phone call today from the bikeshop from which I purchased my Infinito CV earlier this year.

Bianchi have just sent them a replacement fork for my bike - apparently Bianchi have become aware of issues (I'm not sure what exactly) with a certain batch of forks, so they have initiated a replacement program. I'm not aware what the criteria for replacement is i.e. is it a worldwide replacement or if this is only limited to certain frame numbers etc. A quick interweb search this evening didn't reveal anything.

Regardless, if you are a fellow Infinito CV owner, it may be worth touching base with the place of purchase.

Fingers crossed it is not an issue with the Countervail Technology and the frame itself holds up! The CV is by far the most comfortable bike I have ridden and I hope it is does not gain a poor reputation due to any manufacturing issues. Anyway, big thumbs up to Bianchi for taking the initiative and trying to solve the issue before any major problems occur.

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