HF/Workswell replacement options

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HF/Workswell replacement options

Postby familyguy » Fri Apr 10, 2015 2:01 pm

I've started looking at a replacement for the C5. Just for no reason, mostly.

The contenders from HongFu are:
FM296 (2014): http://www.hongfu-bikes.com/html_produc ... e-304.html
FM066 (2013): http://www.hongfu-bikes.com/html_produc ... 6-266.html
FM069 (2014): http://www.hongfu-bikes.com/html_produc ... e-292.html

They all appear very similar in terms of geo and intent. I do like the FM069 seat stay/ST junction detail (from an aesthetic viewpoint).

Given all the cranks I'd possibly swap over are English thread, no reason to go BB30 unless future-proofing? English BB adapter in BB30 shell, or just go BSA all the way?

I was then tipped onto the Workswell WCB-R-066. Apparently this in an homage to the R5. Given it uses the BBright system, that's a fair bet.
WCB-R-066: http://www.workswellbikes.com/web/view/142.html

While it appears promising, BBright strikes me as a painful system to adapt anything BUT BBright cranks to. Not a cost I can easily factor in. From reading around, it's a good system, when it functions as it should, but can be problematic to fettle. A lack of tools and the complexity to adapt to non-BBright cranks might kybosh and otherwise good looking option.

I'd most likely get anything as unfinished CF and paint/gloss it myself.

Anyone got any input to any of the proffered alternatives?


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Re: HF/Workswell replacement options

Postby 2wheels_mond » Fri Apr 10, 2015 3:21 pm

Keep it simple, stick with BSA threading. BSA is future proofing - while BB standards come and go, BSA has always stayed around, especially if you like Shimano cranks.

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