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CX-1 & HS2 Semi-Integrated Headset

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:17 pm
by Seppo
Hi there,

Hopefully a quick N easy question for someone who'd know:

I have an '09 CX-1 with steering that sounds and feels like I have gravel in the headset. :evil: :oops:

So, I need a new headset as I'm thinking the current set can't be re-greased (even if it could, it sounds that bad)
OK, the question(s):

Do I have to get only the ~$120 Colnago branded HS-2 bearings (I'm not even 100% that's the one I need)
Is there some sort of size that I'd be looking for in anything else aftermarket (more bang for buck alternative)?

Gotta love these bike industry "standards"

Cheers All-