campagnolo 11 shifters....on shimano wheel.

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campagnolo 11 shifters....on shimano wheel.

Postby boyracer » Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:15 pm

Hey all.
I am building a new rig and wish to run Campagnolo 11 shifters and derailluer with a shimano 11 cassette and freewheel. Cable not EPS.
Heard it is technically possible, anyone out there actually running it?
i haven't built /bought wheels yet but shimano wheels opens a lot of options and their cassettes are 'cheaper' with better ranges.
Yes, i have seen the Campagnolo centaur 11-32 offering.
Thinking 1 x .
I will run Campagnolo regardless , just not sure on which wheels/hubs now there is possible choice.

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Re: campagnolo 11 shifters....on shimano wheel.

Postby 2wheels_mond » Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:41 am

Yep, running Potenza here with an 11-32 Shimano 105 cassette as my wheels had a Shimano hub on them. Works fine.

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Re: campagnolo 11 shifters....on shimano wheel.

Postby KGB » Thu Feb 01, 2018 3:13 pm

AFAIK, the main problem previously was that Campag ran progressive spacing from one end of the cassette to the other, while Shimano/SRAM had linear cog spacing. With 11s, I believe the progressive spacing is gone and the tolerances between different systems are much smaller, allowing cross-brand combinations.

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Re: campagnolo 11 shifters....on shimano wheel.

Postby eeksll » Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:44 pm

how picky are you with shifting and quietness?

it def works, I use a sram cassette on a shimano freehub on the trainer and a campag cassette on the road. I don't get any mis shifts etc. hard to give opinion on noise as its on the trainer.

I am running a 11 speed sram cassette on a 10 speed shimano hub with a few spacers behind the cassette, this is so that I dont have to get all fiddly with the gear cable adjustment when I swap wheels for the trainer. Does mean I only get 9 workable gears, but thats cause i spaced it outboard.

Many wheels also have the option of switching freehubs, probably a good reason to spec such a hub ?

regarding gearing all shimano 11 speed cassettes have a 11 tooth as the smallest gear with the following exceptions (I didn't want the 11 tooth as I'd never use it)

12-25 (25 is too small for my easiest gear)
14-28 (this is kinda interesting)
12-28 (dura ace only with dura ace price tag)

campag make a 11 speed 12-29 cassette (chorus its $150 not cheap but still cheaper than dura ace)

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